Summer Programs


The SMYSP Summer Residential Program (SRP) is an annual science- and medicine-based enrichment program open to low-income and ethnically disadvantaged high school sophomores and juniors who live in northern and central California. The program guides 24 ethnically diverse students through a five-week summer program held on Stanford University’s campus. The program bolsters student’s science skills while introducing them to a host of health-related careers including physician, medical researcher, pharmacist, etc. In addition, Summer Residential Program participants receive one-on-one and group college admissions counseling, SAT preparation workshops, essay and resume writing guidance, presentation skills and PowerPoint training. Stanford University professors, staff, and medical personnel participate in the program. A full-time staff of ten Stanford undergraduate students directs the program and lives with the SMYSP participants during the five-week program. There is no cost to participants.
What Does SMYSP and the Summer Residential Program Offer Me?

The Summer Residential Program offers students an intense and rewarding educational experience. Staff members work with each student’s innate talents to broaden understanding of the basic sciences, health and social sciences. Students attend lectures given by Stanford professors, medical professionals and staff members, participate in computer and writing seminars and anatomy and pathology laboratory workshops. Special attention is given to developing leadership and interpersonal skills, with offerings such as workshops and discussions on networking, public speaking and multicultural issues. The atmosphere is supportive, and without an emphasis placed on testing or competition. Rather, SMYSP follows a team approach to learning and encourages peer teaching.
SMYSP offers a full scholarship for the Summer Residential Program. The program pays for all student expenses including tuition, books, classroom fees, room and board.


The SRP offers real-world hospital experience. All participants are placed in a volunteer internship at either the Stanford, Lucille Packard Children’s or Veterans Affairs Hospitals two days per week. Students may spend time working in the morgue, an operating room, assisting nurses with patient care or assisting radiologists and physical therapists. 
Upon successful completion of the Summer Residential Program, as determined by staff evaluation, participants may receive up to ten units of high school science credit. The approval of the science credits is determined by the participants' high school. These credits are not UC approved.
The SRP offers graduates long-term mentoring. Every student is assigned a mentor who is a Stanford medical student, graduate student or health professional. Often these relationships extend beyond the duration of the program. Graduates of the Summer Residential Program are also invited to reunions at Stanford, given financial aid and college counseling, sent annual surveys and newsletters and updated alumni information. Resources for SMYSP alumni are constantly updated on the SMYSP web site.
The SRP works to develop leadership skills. The program teaches skills to help students be effective leaders and role models in their school and communities.
The SRP is often the birthplace of important friendships. Living, eating, and working with other students for five weeks is a great way to get to know people really well. Long-lasting friendships are fostered in this positive and caring environment.
The SRP offers letters of recommendation to its graduates. Staff members and/or faculty write recommendation letters for college applications, scholarships or job applications for all participants as needed.